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Pregnancy Weight Gain – Should I Try To Lose Weight?

Weight gain during pregnancy is all a part of going through pregnancy. You actually want to gain weight as that is a good sign that your baby is getting the proper nutrients which allow him or her to grow. When you are pregnant, it is not actually necessary to eat for two. Yes, you will need to consume a few extra calories, but usually, that is no more than 300 extra calories a day. Your current weight will determine just how much weight you will be likely to gain during pregnancy. If you are in decent shape you will probably gain no more then 35 pounds.

If you are overweight you will need to only gain about 25 pounds. Like I said, your weight determines just how much weight you will gain. Usually, you will gain between 2 to 4 pounds during your first three months of being pregnant. After that, you can expect to gain about 1 pound per week for the rest of the pregnancy. A very popular question that comes up quite a bit is, is it ok to lose weight while pregnant. If you are overweight then it might be ok for you to lose a bit of weight during pregnancy. This, however, is something that is up to your doctor for advice. You should make sure you do not try to lose weight unless you are under the orders of your medical provider.

When it boils down to it, if you eat a healthy diet you should have no problem with gaining too much weight while you are pregnant. It is highly recommended to stick with eating five or six small meals throughout the day. If you love to snack, and chances are you will during pregnancy, make sure you always keep healthy snacks within arms reach. Things such as nuts, raisins, and dried fruit will work perfectly. If you think you have gained too much weight, talk to your doctor. A simple change in the way you eat can help you with the extra weight. You can also do indoor cycling as recommended by your doctor. Usually, walking and swimming are considered effective and safe for expecting women. However, make sure you talk everything over with your doctor.

As I said, some weight gain during pregnancy is very normal. It is just part of the process. However, if you feel you are gaining too much weight or not gaining enough weight; make sure you take it up with your doctor. You want to make sure everything is ok with you and the baby.

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